Giving Back

The week-end of October 3 is a time many of us will remember for years to come.  While most of the upstate was spared the wrath of hurricane Joaquin, many of our neighbors from the midlands to the coast suffered tremendous loss, many losing all that they owned.

The Tribble Center learned of the flood victims relief efforts organized by the City of Seneca and immediately wanted to help. Staff purged our storage buildings and were able to deliver three pick-up loads of medical equipment, diapers, pull-ups, cleaning supplies, bottled water canned food and paper towels.

While that happened, several of the individuals served by the Tribble Center approached staff and wanted to help, as well.  Initially, a small group approached their peers to seek their help and to decide what they could do collectively that would mean the most to help the flood victims.  It was decided that they would make a monetary donation and allow the Red Cross to use the funds at their discretion.  This small group grew to thirty-six and these individuals collected $2632.00.  They were extremely proud of themselves and happy that they could give back and contribute to a very worthy cause.  One quote was – “People help us so why can’t we help others when they need it.”  Our board of directors and staff are so proud that many of the individuals of the Tribble Center are not only productive members of the community, but also can make a difference in the lives of others by giving and helping in their time of need.